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Madison Keys US Open Day 2 Interview

Madison Keys US Open Day 2 Interview

M. KEYS/E. Mertens 6-3, 7-6
THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Solid one tonight. How happy are you to finish that in two? Looked like the third was possibly on the table there.

MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I'm really happy that I got it done in straight sets. I guess I had time to add a bit of drama to the match, but glad I didn't add too much (smiling).

Q. Can you give those who were not watching at home a sense of was it that much louder out there than any other court that you've played on?

MADISON KEYS: Truly it was the loudest court I've ever played on in my life. I'm assuming it had to do with the roof just holding all of that noise in.
It took a while to get used to it. But then it kind of just seemed -- like if it became silent all of a sudden, it probably would have felt really weird.

Q. Did you ask the chair umpire to try to get the crowd quieter at some point in the second set?

MADISON KEYS: At some point I yelled because I said I think that was a let.
She said, No, I didn't hear it.
I was like, You can't hear anything, so I don't know what you're talking about.
She was like, No, no, but I can hear that.
I'm just like, That's great hearing by you then because I can't hear myself think.

Q. Roof closed, a night crowd. It was loud a lot last year, as well.

MADISON KEYS: I definitely had been warned about it. But I think you have to be out there and play in it to really appreciate it.

Q. It was raining all day so you had time to think about it. How did you try to prepare yourself, or Lindsay? What were you thinking was going to happen? How were you trying to get yourself over that, if it's possible?

MADISON KEYS: Being indoors?

Q. That you had to deal with it.

MADISON KEYS: I mean, I think I was one of the only people who woke up this morning and thought, I'm going on at a pretty set time. So I would say I was probably one of the luckier people all day to just kind of know I was going to get a match in today.

Q. And it was going to be inside.

MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I mean, as soon as it starts raining, I think you know the roof is going to be closed. We knew it was going to rain yesterday, so we were all fairly prepared, and booked an indoor court for practice yesterday.

Q. First match at the US Open, night match on Ashe. Were the nerves any more tonight than they would have been on any other first rounder?

MADISON KEYS: I don't know if they were more, but they were definitely there. I think a first round at any slam, you have the nerves. But first round at the US Open, home slam, they're always amped up a little bit more than usual.
I've had back-to-back night matches now to start my US Open. I was definitely expecting the nerves today.

Q. How happy are you that you got to finish your match today, because very few people in the top half of the draw are done with the first round?

MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I mean, as soon as the rain started, I think we all kind of knew it was going to stick around all day. I was really excited this I was on Ashe originally, and then I was really, really excited once the rain started today (smiling).

Q. Did anyone express jealousy?

MADISON KEYS: A couple of people. Oh, are you waiting?
No, I'm on at 7. You can watch me at home (laughter).

Q. What are you happy with tonight in your game?

MADISON KEYS: I was really happy with those two forehands late in that tiebreaker. But, no, I think I served fairly well. Obviously not at the end of the second set. But she was really a tough opponent.
I think the biggest thing I'm happy with was coming in. I don't think I've ever volleyed that well in my life. Billie Jean even texted me about my volley, so I'm feeling really high on myself.

Q. Do you feel like you were coming in more to run away from the noise?

MADISON KEYS: No. I mean, that court is a little bit slower. She was also getting a lot of balls back. So I knew I was going to have to take time away, do what I could to move forward.

Q. You grew up part of your life in a small area, not a major tennis area, Quad Cities, Iowa, Illinois. When did you know you were going to come to this level? Were you thinking about it back then, what it was going to take?

MADISON KEYS: My parents moved me from the Quad Cities when I was 10 because I had expressed an interest in becoming a professional tennis player. They knew I wasn't going to be able to do that there. I mean, luckily it worked out.
But no, it was always a dream of mine. I never wanted to play college tennis or anything like that. I moved to Florida and did everything that I could to get to this level.

Q. I don't know if you know anything about your next opponent, Ashley Kratzer?

MADISON KEYS: Don't know who she is.

Q. She won an event in San Diego.

MADISON KEYS: Still don't know who she is.

Q. If you think back to your own 18-year-old self at the Open, I don't know if you can relate.

MADISON KEYS: I don't remember my 18-year-old self at the Open. I think that was the year I lost to Krunic. Was it? Yeah. Not my best memories. I'm glad that stadium is gone (laughter).

Q. What does this represent to you besides the Americans, psychological, how you prepare for the next round?

MADISON KEYS: Sorry. I don't understand your question.

Q. What does it mean to you winning today, how does that prepare you for the next round?

MADISON KEYS: I'm really excited that I won today. I think I did a lot of things well. I also think I kind of have a little bit of an advantage just because I can -- I'm not going to watch my opponent's match, but my coaches will watch my opponent's match, see how they're playing on these courts.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to playing whoever I get.

Q. Why not watch?

MADISON KEYS: I might watch a little bit. But, I mean, they're really good at telling me what I need to do. I feel like it's better just to listen to what they're telling me to do than to sit down and watch and analyze myself.

Q. Seeing Lindsay in your box, Kim Clijsters in Elise's box, was that surreal seeing the two of them on opposite sides?

MADISON KEYS: I think it's funny. Like I think it's funny there's two former champions. But I think it's also really fun. Two young players have former champions in their corner. I don't think you see that very often.

Q. Tiafoe just won the first set against Federer. What would that mean...

MADISON KEYS: Don't put it out there yet. I'll be very excited no matter what happens. I'll be more excited if one thing happens than the other thing. But I'm not putting anything out there until it's over (smiling).


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